About Us

Tired of contracting companies that go by the same old playbook every time? Feel like you’re talking to a wall when you’re trying to get your requirements across. Or are you a prospective applicant looking for a company that will actually listen to your ideas? You’re not alone.

Studies show that the average person, despite being able to hear approximately 450 words per minute, only remembers 17-25% of what was said. So, it’s no wonder that you find yourself repeating the same information to your team, over and over again, with no measurable difference in outcome. Add to that the technical complexity of a software development project, and you have the perfect recipe for frustration and goals unfulfilled.

At AcisTek, we do things differently. We understand that the most important skill of all in business is listening. Before an employee is even hired at our company, we ensure that they appreciate this core foundational aspect of communication as much as we do.

Having been in the government contracting industry for 16+ years, we get it. Each agency has their own unique needs and requirements, and our mission is to understand these needs and customize our approach to you. We also recognize the value of consistently incorporating fresh new ideas and alternative perspectives offered by our diverse and driven team of web developers, cloud engineers, technical writers, help desk technicians, business analysts and more.

Our ears are open and we’re listening. To find out more about our Services, click here. To become part of our stellar team and have your ideas heard, click here.

How We Work

Our frequent communication, cross-functional work, and agency collaboration allow us to ingest customer feedback and adjust to achieve mission goals through tailored solutions for our clients’ unique requirements. We use our Agile Scrum methodology to guide our approach to all project management and development work. Throughout each Sprint, we garner feedback from our client through meetings, teleconferences, emails, and more. Then, we react to this information with customized software solutions––righting the agency’s course according to its unique circumstances.

Beginning with our PMO’s change control board, we define upcoming Sprint requirements according to feedback on current conditions. Then, we draw on lessons learned to sketch a roadmap for the solution which best achieves the agency mission. Our team uses this roadmap to build out the solution, soliciting constant feedback from the agency along the way. Once adjusted for feedback, the solution goes live at the end of the Sprint.