IT Modernization & Agile Development

When we first started working with HUD in 2017 on the HUD SMART (Single-Family Mortgage Asset Reporting Tool) application, we knew we had our work cut out for us. At the time, SMART and its two sub-applications, EVARS and ECLASS, resided in a 17-year-old SQL Server 2000 database. The on-premises servers were Windows 2003, supporting 300 users with 2 terabytes of data and 8 million active records. Finally, the applications had been built with outdated PowerBuilder technologies. The fact that all of these technologies were over 10 years old meant that we had to rebuild every facet of all three applications completely from scratch.

However, we were not intimidated. Working tirelessly and with cutting-edge efficiency, we managed to execute a total technology transformation for all 3 systems in an almost unheard of time period of just 3 months, which included a total re-design and technology update by migrating SMART to the AWS Cloud.

How did we do it? The secret to our success is our Agile SCRUM methodology, which consists of the following 7-step process:

  • Meet with Client
  • Meet Internally
  • Follow Up with Client
  • Develop & Test
  • UAT and Monitor Progress
  • Push to Production
  • Training and Retrospective

Customer Experience

The previous SMART contractor had been using a legacy waterfall methodology that made it difficult to keep up with the advances in technology, and did not sufficiently facilitate communication between them and their client.

AcisTek not only transformed SMART technologically, but also taught HUD about Agile, setting them up for future success modeled after our style of rapid development and frequent two-way communication between contractor and customer.

Since the transformation, AcisTek has continued working with HUD to conduct business case analysis, system research, development, testing, and evaluation activities for SMART, EVARS, and ECLASS, and are constantly improving and helping HUD stay up to date as their user base increases.


We leveraged our status as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Standard Consulting Partner to effectively re-deploy the transformed systems to the AWS GovCloud with modernized Agile and DevOps continuous delivery principles on an aggressive timeline.

SMART now successfully supports 36 role-based user accounts with 7 modules that support different critical functions, including Loan Information, Servicing Information, Bankruptcy Information, Mortgage Release Information, Cash Management Information, Customer Service Module, and a Reporting Module with connectivity to / HUD Accounting / Finance Department / Loan Servicing Contractor.