Data Center Modernization

Much of OSG’s software was extremely dated, and many business processes still had not been digitized at all. As the agency began to change and modernize, so did our contract. Our one-man help desk expanded into a four-person team responsible for providing vital phone and email support to Commissioned Corps officers and leadership all over the world. In 2019, we helped OSG move its Help Desk ticketing function to ServiceNow, a fully modernized Service Desk and Issue Tracking Solution. Today, our team fields hundreds of emails and phone calls from over 6,000 USPHS Officers and Support Staff each day, and logs each ticket in ServiceNow without missing a beat.

IT Engineering

While our Help Desk was hard at work supporting new software, our contract was also expanding to include two Senior Web Developers, who were building much of the software in question.

These developers worked tirelessly to modernize key Commissioned Corps business processes, along with the Commissioned Corps User Portal. Using our Agile Software Development methodology, our team worked with the Deputy Surgeon General and other key Commissioned Corps leadership to build a modern dashboard which would display officers’ fitness for duty, medical readiness status, and more upon login, complete with a web-based messaging system.

Customer Experience

Like our Help Desk, OSG’s Recruitment Center initially consisted of one call center agent and an Excel Spreadsheet. Prospective applicants to the Corps used to complete a phone screening and submit all of their application documents by mailing them to headquarters, where they would be manually filed and processed by hand.

Our developers transformed this process, building a modern web application to process applicant screenings and documents and saving OSG a great deal of time and resources. Applicants no longer need to call, wait, and send documents to headquarters, and staff no longer need to sift through stacks of paper and process hundreds of applicant call-backs. Both parties can now view an applicant’s status at the touch of a button, reducing the need for back-and-forth communication.

Thanks to our hard work and commitment to excellence, we have been twice awarded the Surgeon General’s Certificate of Appreciation, and have received glowing praise from the user community. Below is a quote from one of our customers about one of our help desk agents:

“Your agent has been expertly assisting us with issues plaguing us over the last few months. He is responsive, helpful and incredibly knowledgeable in helping us work through the issues. I am truly thankful for his assistance and I am so glad to have him available. This agent is a pleasure to work with and has provided outstanding customer service. He is truly deserving of recognition for his noteworthy service, dedication and commitment.”

We look forward to continuing to serve OSG and the Commissioned Corps officers, just as they serve the American people every day.