Simplified Plug & Play Approach to Coding

Using our Agile Development methodology, AcisTek leverages low code capabilities to quickly create streamlined applications with fewer additional costs and resources. With low code, we select pre-built functionalities, and easily tailor them to your agency’s needs. We have created a demonstration product using ServiceNow’s Low Code Platform with a streamlined UI, and a consistent look, feel, and experience.

Low code also simplifies O&M, in that development platforms feature an easy-to-use plug and play interface, making it easier and cheaper to keep applications up to date. We also offer discounted services through our partnership with services like Amazon Web Services (AWS). Through AWS, ServiceNow, and other platforms, AcisTek delivers customized, consistent applications within tight timelines and at low cost. Let us help you bring your applications into the 21st century.

Key Benefits

  • World-class technologies
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Continuous integration and delivery
  • Repeatable framework for seamless development and maintenance
  • Advanced tracking and reporting

Data Center Modernization

Is your legacy data center having trouble keeping up? At AcisTek, we get it. Nowadays, it’s not enough to simply have access to data, your team likely has to be able to quickly extract said data, create meaning from it, analyze patterns, and leverage it towards actionable projects. We can help you get the most out of your data while still scaling your data center for future needs so that it is able to adapt to new requirements down the line. In doing this, we also help minimize security risks and save you money.

Keep up with evolving requirements

Today’s IT systems are all about collecting, storing, and analyzing data. Not only does your data center need to be flexible enough to accommodate rapid growth in the amounts of data being stored, but it still has to be able to manage ever-changing security risks, while keeping energy and other costs low, and facilitate more significant IT Modernization projects.

AcisTek can help. We offer both full and hybrid cloud data center solutions, while still helping agencies get the most out of investments in legacy systems. Our data solutions promote long-term sustainability for important federal programs and services, while complying with security and other agency-specific policy requirements.

AcisTek uses an Agile development methodology to help our clients save cost without unnecessarily complicating your data solutions. We use a collaborative approach with our clients, and meet with all stakeholders regularly to make sure that we understand your organization’s individual needs. Our knowledgeable, hands-on staff help you identify the correct software, hardware, and any other IT components. We are flexible and have implemented hybrid, on-premise and cloud data center solutions that help our clients stay in compliance with security regulations without compromising on cost and resources. Say goodbye to your legacy data center and take your next step forward with us.

Key Benefits

  • Improved data performance means better insights faster
  • Increased data security
  • Greater data availability, less down time
  • Better support for data management tools & faster application provisioning
  • Lower cost, less maintenance
  • Easier scaling for future requirements

IT Modernization & Agile Development

Today’s rapid technological advances are creating new possibilities for your government organization and clients at the speed of light. Sometimes though, it can be hard to keep up. That’s why we at AcisTek use an Agile Solution Development methodology. Agile helps your agency modernize in a way, and at a pace, that makes sense for you. We help you implement the solutions that are best suited to your agency’s needs, while always including you in the conversation. Through Agile modernization, we help you improve your user experience (UX), cybersecurity, and overall outcomes.

Modern Methodology for Modern Systems.

We understand that outdated legacy applications can get in the way of achieving your agency’s mission. We help modernize custom systems, making them smarter, more agile, more secure, and more accessible. We leverage the latest technologies to update your applications and use powerful IT tools and software to optimize processes, cut back on costs, and more.

We adhere to a tailored Agile Scrum methodology to guide our clients through Agile IT modernization projects. This includes requirements gathering, and leveraging cutting-edge tools and technologies to support requirements tracking, development, testing, implementation, and quality control. The results have been successful deployment of federal IT systems on many of our contracts.

We help you by working in iterative project cycles, which means we are constantly delivering. We engage our customers with constant communication during all stages of the project in question. We deliver exceptional digitized development platforms––meeting our clients’ business intelligence and performance metrics needs. Our approach allows will help you to coalesce their current and future IT investments.


Cloud Engineering

Thanks to the ever-increasing amounts of data that agencies like yours need to process, cloud computing has become more and more standard for government offices. Many agencies find it difficult or impossible to meet their goals using traditional, on-premise resources, and are benefiting greatly from the scalability of cloud computing. AcisTek is the company to help you implement and/or manage your cloud environment. Our solutions can either work in concert with your legacy environment, or replace it entirely, depending on your needs. Our cloud solutions improve flexibility, efficiency, and lower cost. Let us work with you to determine your individual needs and tailor a cloud approach that works for you.

FedRAMP Compliant Solutions

While physical servers used to be sufficient to support application and data needs, those days are now in the past. Government work environments have changed, and an on-site approach is no longer feasible for many organizations, meaning that cloud migration is essential for many functions. Use of the cloud allows agencies access to data at their convenience, leading to improved collaboration and productivity.

Additionally, cloud systems reliably improve performance and enhance scalability in the long run. AcisTek provides intelligent, secure cloud applications to help your organization thrive. All of our cloud products are FedRAMP compliant, and we have several personnel who possess various AWS certifications and are experienced in leveraging AWS Cloud features such as EC2, Redshift, Lambda, and more. Team with AcisTek to unleash all the possibilities of the Cloud.


Customer Experience

When most people think of customer experience, they imagine being strung through a phone tree or waiting a day for an email response to a support ticket. At AcisTek, we do things differently. We recognize that Customer Experience (CX), is more than just a phone call, rather, it’s the entire customer journey, from the moment they first access the website in question, till the point at which they complete their task. Our dedicated staff focus on human-centered design and building responsive tools that make users’ interactions with our clients’ systems as smooth and painless as possible, and of course, we provide phone and email help desk support along the way.

Intuitive Customer Journeys.

CX can be improved through system enhancements, new deployments, analysis and improvement of various customer business and financial processes, optimized policy implementation or new policy development, call center optimization, and many other approaches in which we are well-versed. When designing solutions, we focus on human-centered design as the underlying framework. We strive for user friendly functional systems to increase users’ faith in and overall satisfaction with said systems.

Additionally, we provide friendly, knowledgeable service desk staff to support our clients’ customers with any IT issues. In the past, our contact center agents have received glowing feedback from users they have assisted with various IT and policy questions. Our customer service prioritizes similar values as the GSA’s Centers of Excellence–– including knowing our customers, innovating from within, collaborating for success, relying on best practices, and centralizing our resources. By prioritizing these values, we build a positive customer experience culture based on trust and transparency.

Key Benefits

We also offer world-class help desk support for our clients. Our customer-oriented staff offer support via phone, chat, email, and more. Below are some of the technologies we use in support of our Service Desk model:

  • ServiceNow
  • RingCentral
  • NextTalk
  • Cisco Jabber
  • Zendesk